Are you looking to create a small office at home but not sure where to squeeze in the furniture? You don’t have to have a dedicated room; it’s enough if you have an empty nook. With some thoughtful planning and creativity, you can turn pretty much any space into a home office.

In this article we’ll cover:

What is Biophilic Office Design

Biophilic Interior Design means incorporating nature into our indoor environment. It focuses on creating a calming space with visual connection with nature while improving well-being, health and productivity.

Benefits of Biophilic Office Design


With the inevitability increase in the housing crises and the global climate change, it is more than ever essential to reduce our energy consumption and choose wisely construction materials.

Eco-Friendly building material is a type of material that doesn’t harm the environment, whether in its production, use or disposal and can easily be recycled.

Using Eco-Friendly materials is hugely beneficial in the long run. Building a green home reduces carbon emissions significantly and saves energy, which results in saving money on energy bills.

The Most Eco-Friendly Construction Materials:

1. Cob

Have you ever wonder what those unusual organic-looking houses made of are? They are constructed of a…

I would like to start this article with one of my favourite quotes by Jochen Zeitz: “Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.” I truly believe creating a happy living environment, where you can enjoy the full potential in all aspects, you need to consider sustainability as a crucial part of it.

In this article you will learn:

What Being Sustainable Actually Means?

There is a lot of misconception and confusion when it comes to sustainability. It comes…

plants for a bathroom without windows
plants for a bathroom without windows
Image Aditya Aniyar via

If you live in an urban area more often than not you’ll end up with a bathroom without any windows. Most of the apartment bathrooms are built that way due to the practical use of space. Which allows rooms we use more on a daily bases to get all the natural light needed. Normally a bathroom window is placed in the shower or above the toilet, and most of the time in small bathrooms that just doesn’t make any sense. Even so, the bathroom should be well ventilated.

You might feel frustrated if you are dreaming of junglelicious bathroom. I…

It all started in a small coastal town Pula, Croatia. In a search for a cute space with a good location, we found this tiny shop for rent with nothing but white walls and breathtaking views on the Arena. It was love at first sight — an empty sheet to write a brand new chapter. The initial idea was to have a coastal feel with lots of greenery.

How we designed and completed a small juice bar on a budget. Our story…

1. The Vision

Image Source

Once I started doing my research on how to achieve a healthy home where it doesn’t just look good but it makes you feel good too, I quickly realised that Biophilic design is the answer. As you might already know I love sharing with you all sorts of tips on how to look beyond aesthetics in order to achieve a healthy home. This time I would like to tell you more about some interesting facts about our relationship with nature. So let’s dig into it from the very beginnings.

To incorporate Biophilic elements into our homes properly we need to…

One thing I get every time when someone asks me to help with decorating is the frustration of not knowing where to start. Is there a secret no-fuss formula when it comes to decorating your dream home? The short answer is yes and it’s not a secret, it’s down to having a strategic approach. Decorating should be a fun process. So what takes the fun out of it?

The strategy that will make decorating easy and fun for you:

Get in The Right Mindset

The thing is, you want your home to be perfectly styled and once you have that on your mind, it creates…

How to make a coconut shell plant hanger. Coconut shell plant hangers on a standing plant shelf filled with indoor plants.
How to make a coconut shell plant hanger. Coconut shell plant hangers on a standing plant shelf filled with indoor plants.

If you are looking for a simple can’t go wrong kind of DIY project for your plants, look no further. This could not be easier, cheaper or cuter planter you can DIY in one hour, and guess what, it’s Eco-friendly too. Let’s cut to the chase.

Things you need for the coconut planters:

Total budget £14.6 for 6 planters — it’s a steal!

Here is how to DIY coconut planters in a few simple steps:

1. Choose the size

Depending on how much room you will need for the…

Image: Kate Spierse

Styling any empty space including a shelf can be an overwhelming task mostly because we are afraid we might make a mistake. I am someone who thinks there are no wrong ways of doing it as long as it makes you happy. However, if you are wondering what differentiates cohesive from not so put together looking shelf, there are a few tricks you could use to get that magazine-ready look. After implementing the following styling tips I’m sure you’ll tell yourself at the end — Hey, I think I just became a designer! :)

6 Tips For Styling Open Shelves Like a Pro:

1. What goes on

You might…


Interior design goes hand in hand with our overall wellbeing. I can’t emphasise enough how achieving positive energy and balance is never just one thing, it’s a combination of multiple small pieces that work well together and as a result, bringing in a cohesive living environment. “We live in a society that’s overworked and overstimulated, and this has a huge effect on our wellbeing,” Itai Palti says. Interior is not just visual, it involves our mind very much as well.

Have you ever felt trapped between your own four walls? It could be a narrow entryway, dark walls, old depressive…

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