Easy, Cheap, and DIY-able Coconut Shell Planters

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How to make a coconut shell plant hanger. Coconut shell plant hangers on a standing plant shelf filled with indoor plants.

If you are looking for a simple can’t go wrong kind of DIY project for your plants, look no further. This could not be easier, cheaper or cuter planter you can DIY in one hour, and guess what, it’s Eco-friendly too. Let’s cut to the chase.

Things you need for the coconut planters:

  • 3 coconuts (or any number of your choice), £0.70 each
  • natural jute £1.5
  • 6 small plants (I did mine with succulents), £1.5 each
  • a small package of potting soil, £2

Total budget £14.6 for 6 planters — it’s a steal!

Here is how to DIY coconut planters in a few simple steps:

1. Choose the size

Depending on how much room you will need for the plants and what type you are planning to get, pick the coconut size accordingly. I got the short round-shaped ones because I was planning on getting low maintenance succulents that don’t require as much rooting space.

2. Open coconuts evenly

Easier said than done! But I promise this is the only hard part. Before opening the coconuts, make sure to get the water out and enjoy your beverage. You can do that by making small holes where the coconut eyes are, using a round cutting tool pit. To half them even try and do the line in the middle as much as possible. It helps if you hit the coconut with a hammer repeatably while creating a line where you would like it to crack at some point. This was probably what took me the longest, so save your energy for it. Breaking coconuts is not easy, but at least the hardest part is done.

Fresh coconut shells for planter DIY

3. Get the good stuff out

Time to get a spoon and get rid of the inside which is white meat called copra. You will get a decent amount. Make sure you get all the meat out so it doesn’t cause problems with your plants. Once you have it all the shells cleaned from copra, you could refrigerate and enjoy deliciously fresh coconut.

how to make plant holder with a coconut shell. Empty coconut shell on a kitchen counter

4. Choose your plants

To prevent the root from rotting I picked the succulents which require very little water. When choosing your plants, I would suggest taking the ones with the shorter roots. If you get the plants in need for regular watering — don’t forget to cover those coconut eyes with something to avoid the leak and make a drainage system for them. A layer of small stones at the bottom are a great solution for it.

5. What type of soil

Again, it really depends on what type of plants you got. Regular potting soil should work in most cases. Coconut coir contains few nutrients so it doesn’t add to the nutrient quality of the soil. You don’t need much of it because you’ll keep the soil from plant’s nursery too.

6. Hanging tips

Last but not least. Once you have your plants nicely settled in coconut shells, it’s time to do some rope/jute measuring. To avoid wasting any jute, measure how long you would like it to be. Since the coconut shell is really light and rough on the surface, jute sticks well even without adding any glue, but it’s totally up to you if you want to use the glue instead. Get 4 even parts and tie them in a small knot on one end. Then, hand the jute and place your planter in the middle just like this:

hanging coconut planer hanging above peace lily plant

Add a few large plants underneath and BOOM you have yourself a fantastic room feature. Let me know if you attempt to do any of the coconut planter alternatives.

standing wooden shelf with indoor plants and hanging coconut planters

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